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Bosch Brake pads




Bosch is one of the worlds biggest names in automotive braking systems

Bosch has a commitment to safety that ensures the cars of the future will be braking with Bosch.

Bosch Brake Pads
The Bosch brake pad program has been designed to complement all types of driving styles, by way of applying the correct composition of friction material to each of its pad types. For all applications, extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the correct comfort level for the driver, resulting in a number of friction formulations being used across the Bosch brake pad range.

Bosch Ultra Brake Pads
Bosch Ultra brake pads use the latest technology in heavy duty ceramic friction material compounds and are ideal for demanding driving and use in all European vehicles. Using specially coated, noise damped shim technology, these brake pads give optimum friction performance for the harshest of drivers, guaranteeing product life to the fullest.

Bosch Ultra Brake Pads Offer:
Long braking life
Excellent noise suppression
Powerful stopping ability
3 year/30,000km warranty

Bosch QikStop
Bosch QikStop brake pads are recommended for everyday driving. Specially manufactured using non-asbestos organic friction material, they contain lower levels of abrasive metal, compared to metallic or semi-metallic alternatives. This lower metal content will result in reduced levels of wear to the vehicle's brake discs.

Bosch Qikstop Brake Pads offer:
Low noise
Low dust
Solid all round braking performance
2 year/20,000km warranty

Bosch Eco Brake Pads
Bosch Eco brake pads are a good quality, economical line for popular vehicle applications. They consist of the latest technology ceramic friction material compound, assuring no compromise on safety.

Bosch Eco Brake Pads offer:
Good pedal feel
Great value for money
12 months warranty



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