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CRC and RE-PO have a huge range of products

We pride ourselves as being the leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance. Our innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products to help you do your job faster, easier and safer.

CRC Industries on-site manufacturing of products allows control of all production processes. All raw materials and finished goods are subject to stringent testing by our quality control department. Lot sampling guarantees you consistent quality and performance.

When you specify CRC products, you can be assured of getting a product that surpasses all maintenance and repair industries highest standards of environment, performance and safety... because first it must meet ours!

Australian made products which are proven to be No1.

We are proud to sell this exciting range of products. If it's a dirty carburettor, a rusty bolt, a smelly car or a neglected paint job, then these products are for you. Covering such a wide variety of jobs CRC / RE-PO have the answer.

CRC's / RE-PO's commitment to quality and service is your assurance of consistent performance in all that they do.


Auto Kolone Air Freshener

A fresh clean fragrance that lasts

Auto Kolone Air Freshener is a scientifically developed deodoriser, formulated to give cars, home or the office a fresh clean feeling with a choice of delightful fragrances that last and last.


Glass Cleaner

A sparkling streak free finish

CRC Glass Cleaner is a professional strength foaming formula that acts quickly to remove dirt, grime, grease, finger prints and smoke haze from glass, perspex, plexiglass and mirrors, leaving a streak-free finish.


Re-Po Auto Polish & Cleaner

Versatile, easy, no nonsense car polish and cleaner.

Re-Po Auto Polish & Cleaner is suitable for any paint finish, no matter what age or type. Because of its non-silicone formulation, it remains a favourite with body shops for removing oxidised and perished paint from all surfaces


Re-Po Paint Doctor

Removes scuffs and stains

Re-Po Paint Doctor removes scuffs and stains and safely restores a deep, rich gloss to dull or faded paintwork. Paint Doctor is safe on clear coat finishes, easy to apply and won't dry out. It contains real carnauba wax.


808 Silicone Spray

Revives, lubricates, waterproofs and protects

CRC 808 Silicone Spray is a concentrated formula that provides a thin, durable, odourless film that lubricates, waterproofs and protects all metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, wood, and painted surfaces.



Starts engines instantly

CRC Aerostart is a unique and special formulation which combines a number of ingredients, each designed to play a vital part in starting engines. It has powerful anti-corrosive and anti-knock qualities and contains an upper cylinder lubricant.


Battery Maintenance

Penetrates, loosens and neutralises all acid corrosion deposits

CRC Battery Maintenance is an engineered product for the removal of acid corrosion deposits, electrolytes, dirt and moisture from battery terminals and surfaces. It assures maximum battery current flow and promotes longer battery life


Battery Terminal Protector

Instant protection against battery terminal corrosion

CRC Battery Terminal Protector is specially designed to protect battery terminals from corrosion which is a major cause of hard starting and battery failure. Ideal for marine applications as it is highly resistant to saltwater and salt spray. Dries quickly to a soft film.


Belt Grip

Specially developed to meet the demand for a true industrial, automotive and food grade belt.

CRC Belt Grip is scientifically formulated with a synthetic polymer that is non drying, water resistant and chemically stable. It extends the life of drive belts by improving traction. CRC Belt Grip was specially developed to meet the demands for a true industrial, automotive and food grade belt adhesive.



CRC 5-56

The original toolkit in a can

CRC 5-56 is a multi purpose lubricant that has superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it cleans away scale and dirt. Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. Protects metals against corrosion and displaces moisture to help start wet engines.



Disc Brake Quiet

Stops disc brake squeals and squeaks

CRC Disc Brake Quiet dampens the vibrations that cause disc brake noise. It is an elastomeric polymer product , applied to the back of disc brake pads to act as a vibration and sound absorbing layer.

Sta-Lube Synthetic Brake Caliper Grease

A specially formulated synthetic grease

This product keeps critical sliding parts in brake calipers free for optimum braking efficiency


Red Urethane

Electrical / electronic insulator

CRC Red Urethane is a stable single component polyurethane coating for electrical and electronic applications. It dries fast, adheres well and forms a hard, durable, flexible and non conductive film for electrical motor windings and armature coils


So Easy Protectant

Anti-static, maximum UV protection

CRC So Easy Protectant is formulated to renew and protect vinyl, rubber, plastic, leather and wood from the penetration of UV rays. It gives long lasting maximum UV protection by penetrating the pores and forming a protective film on and under the surface.


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