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Moulded Dash Mats





Sunland is unquestionably the largest manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive dashmats in Australia. In fact they are the pioneers of dashmat production in this country. For nearly 30 years their attention to detail & commitment to excellence has seen us take the humble dashmat from a basic carpet creation to a scientifically engineered product.

Sunland sets the standard in dashmat development with the Generation IIII Protex Dashmat backed by a lifetime warranty. Our dashmats are fully moulded to fit your dashboard exactly, including cars fitted with dash mounted passenger side air bags. They have been scientifically tested to reduce in car temperatures and improve air conditioner performance. They prevent dashboard discolouration & cracking by offering maximum protection from the sunís damaging UV rays also reducing refection and glare given off by modern contoured dashboards.

Sunland have the most extensive range of models available so itís no wonder they are Australianís #1 maker of quality automotive dashmats. Donít settle for inferior quality dashmats which just donít make the grade. Itís a simple choice, Sunland are ďThe Original & Still the BestĒ dashmat available in the market today.


How do I order my Moulded Dash Mat?

Simply see if a Dash Mat is made for your vehicle using the below link.

DASH Mat Catalogue

Then simply E-mail all the details requested in the "Simple Steps To Ordering" found below.

Simple Steps To Ordering

1: If your car is listed in the Dashmat Catalogue, simply confirm the colour required. (Also if your vehicle has an air bag, glove box or coil tray etc on the passenger side of the dash) The more information the better so we can supply the correct dash mat !

2: Send us an E-mail with your Full Name, Address and Shipping Details (we cannot ship to P.O. boxes) confirming your model, make and year and colour required.

3: We will confirm your request and reply with Direct Deposit Payment Details for you to make your payment. Please reply to this E-mail once you have made your payment.

4: Once your payment is received, your order will be shipped and delivered. Please note for Non-Standard colours please allow around 2 weeks for your Dash Mat to be produced!


E-mail Order Here

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