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Important Announcement!

To all our Fram Filter supporters in Australia we are currently having a supply problem from the USA and stocks are running out fast!

We are hopeful to have supplies back sometime in the future.....

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any suitable substitutes we may have to fulfill your needs.



You've come to the right place to get the right filter.


FRAM® Tough Guard® Oil Filters with the SureGrip® Feature


What is Engine Protection?

FRAM Engine Protection ratings are a ratio based on multiplying an oil filters dirt-trapping efficiency by its dirt-holding capacity and dividing the result with the same multiplication of another filter. The FRAM Engine Protection rating increases for filters that allow fewer particles to pass through it and when the filter contaminant holding capacity is higher.

Engine Protection is the FRAM measure of a filter’s ability to not just trap dirt but hold it for the life of the filter.





Advanced Engine Protection

* Synthetic-Blend filter media technology with silicone return valve provides protection for oil change intervals up to 16,000 km 1

* 6X MORE engine protection than the average of leading economy oil filters

* 99% Dirt Trapping Efficiency 2







Advanced Oil Filter Media Gives The FRAM Advantage

* Ordinary filters use only cellulose media, but Tough Guard adds microscopic synthetic fibers, creating small windows that trap the microscopic dirt particles without affecting the flow of oil

* Blending synthetic fibers with cellulose increases a filter's dirt-trapping efficiency and its dirt-holding capacity for higher levels of engine protection and longer filter life

Tough Guard is the perfect filter for drivers who push their vehicles in stop and go traffic, towing and extreme weather conditions








FRAM® Racing Oil Filter

Heavy-duty steel body construction to resist high pressure surges and external impact.

*Low-restriction racing media designed for high oil flow.
*Spiral-shaped center tube to provide protection against collapse.
*Heavy gauge steel tapping plate to withstand high pressure flexing.
*Screen-over bypass valve to provide additional protection against larger contaminants.
*Relief valve developed uniquely for high oil flow racing conditions.
*Low-restriction racing media designed for high oil flow.







FRAM® Motorcycle Oil Filter


FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter

3X Engine Protection

Cellulose and Glass blended media provides 3X MORE engine protection than the average of leading economy oil filters.









A clean air filter helps to keep damaging particles from entering your engine and causing increased engine wear
Dirty air filters restrict airflow which can contribute to decreased acceleration, horsepower, and reduced overall performance.







Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants.
Arm & Hammer baking soda combined with carbon embedded into the filter assist in cleaning outside air flowing through the vehicle's ventilation system.






Need help? What part number suits your car? Don't hesitate send us an E-mail today! sales@noelsautoparts.com.au

Part numbers currently available to order on-line:-

C1191A Fram 7111-296, R2132P Fuel Filter
CA5057 Fram Air Filter A491
CA7351 Fram Air Filter A851, A1236
CA8918 Fram Air Filter A1178, A1522
CA9360 Fram Air Filter A1135, A1491
CA9997 Fram Air Filter A1184, A1527
CF10134 Fram Cabin Filter WACF5302, RCA108P
CF10138 Fram Cabin Filter WACF0035, RCA137P
CF10139 Fram Cabin Filter WACF0014, RCA140P
CF10140 Fram Cabin Filter WACF0009, RCA113P
CF10285 Fram Cabin Filter WACF0040, RCA178P
CF10372 Fram Cabin Filter 210mm x 225mm x 25mm
CF10381 Fram Cabin Filter WACF0050, RCA146P
CF9119A Fram Cabin Filter WACF0019, RCA101P
CF9846A Fram Cabin Filter WACF5231, RCA104P
CH10066ECO Fram Oil Filter WCO78, R2663P
CH10246 Fram Oil Filter WCO91, R2694P
CH9461 Fram Oil Filter WCO54, R2615P
FV184 PCV Valve Right Angled 4297
HP1 Fram High Performance Filter Z9
HP2 Fram High Performance Filter Z30
HP3 Fram High Performance Filter Z9 Z89A
HP4 Fram High Performance Filter Z24
HP6A Fram High Performance Filter
PH10890 Fram Oil Filter WCO195,
PH11 Fram Oil Filter Z30
PH6017A Fram Motorcycle Spin On Oil Filter
PH6018 Fram Motorcycle Spin On Oil Filter
PH6022 Fram Motorcycle Spin On Oil Filter
PH6065B Fram Chrome Motorcycle Spin On Oil Filter, 63798-99A
PH7317 Fram Oil Filter Z411 Z456 Z547
PH8170 Fram Oil Filter B7165
PH8A Fram Oil Filter Z9
PPA1105 Fram Air Hog Filter Suits BA A1143, A1575
PPA1856 Fram Air Hog Filter Suits VT A991, A1358
PPA4309 Fram Air Hog Filter Suits VL A360
PPA5057 Fram Air Hog Filter Suits EF A491
PSA25 Fram Air Hog Pod Filter 2.5
SD1 Suredrain 1/2-20
SD2 Suredrain M14 X 1.5
SD3 Suredrain M12 X 1.25
SD5 Suredrain M18 X 1.5
TG10060 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO68, Z663
TG10066 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO78, R2663P
TG10295 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO80, R2651P
TG10358 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO17, R2620P
TG16 Fram TG Oil Filter Z89A Z10
TG2 Fram TG Oil Filter Z516
TG2951 Fram TG Oil Filter Z158
TG30 Fram TG Oil Filter Z40
TG3387A Fram TG Oil Filter Z154
TG3506 Fram TG Oil Filter Z160
TG3593A Fram TG Oil Filter Z56B Z79A Z148
TG3600 Fram TG Oil Filter Z63 Z596
TG3614 Fram TG Oil Filter Z418 Z632 WCO84
TG3682 Fram TG Oil Filter Z145
TG4386 Fram TG Oil Filter Z432 Z442 WCO28
TG4967 Fram TG Oil Filter Z386 Z443
TG6607 Fram Oil Filter Z436 Z445
TG7317 Fram TG Oil Filter Z411 Z456 Z547
TG8765 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO4 R2605P
TG8A Fram TG Oil Filter Z9
TG9641 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO56, R2604P
TG9837 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO18, Z689
TG9972 Fram TG Oil Filter WCO67 R2648P

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1: Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner's manual

2: FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of PH8A, 3387A, and 4967 or equivalent FRAM TG or XG models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns.

Engine protection is the FRAM measure of a filter’s ability to not just trap dirt but hold it for the life of the filter.



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