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Holts Story

Holts quite simply solves problems! That is what they do! From flat tyres to leaking radiators and seized brakes, they help professionals get the job done. Developed with our customers in mind, Holts products can be relied upon to deal with car care challenges. Their market leading products like Tyreweld, Radweld and Gun Gum



What is Cataloy Knifing Putty?

Bodywork chips and deep scratches immediately attract your eye and make a vehicle look old and uncared for. No matter how much you clean and polish your pride and joy, those imperfections will always remain.

Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty is durable and easy to use bodywork surface filler that provides a quick solution to chips and deep scratches. It fills in surface imperfections to create a perfectly smooth finish, ready for painting. Use the applicator provided to apply to deep scratches and chips for an even finish that’s easy to paint on.

bulletSuitable for all exterior bodywork
bulletEasy to use filler
bulletGreat for use on chips and deep scratches
bulletProfessional finish perfect for painting
bulletComes with applicator included

Solve your paintwork problems today by filling in scratches and chips with Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty.



Molyslip Gearbox Protection 65ml
For use on a car’s gearbox, steering box and back axle, the effects of lubrication with Molyslip are striking thanks to the Molyslip ‘super-slippery’ shield that plates itself onto working parts.

This double concentrated formula provides the ultimate protection in a new, easy to use one shot tube. It coats moving parts to make gear changing smoother whilst reducing noise, whining and rumbling. It protects parts against friction and reduces wear. For use on manual gearboxes only. Do not use in automatic gearboxes, overdrives or slip differential axles.

To use, simply attach the nozzle to the tube and apply all of the tube’s contents to the gearbox.
The Molyslip Gearbox Protection is a double concentrated formula for ultimate protection
The new, easy to use one shot tube (65ml) coats moving parts to make gear changing smoother, reducing noise and protecting against friction.
Not for use on automatic gearboxes
Molyslip gearbox protection Protects your gearbox, steering box and back axle
Super-slippery' shield plates itself to working parts Double concentrated, one shot tube
1 x 65ml



What is Gun Gum Silencer Repair Bandage?

Damage to your exhaust doesn’t have to cost the earth to repair. The Holts range of Gun Gum exhaust repair products makes it easy for you to fix any section of exhaust on your driveway.  The Gun Gum Bandage has been developed to repair holes and splits in silencer boxes for a gas tight seal in minutes. The bandage is easy to use; simply moisten and wrap around the hole, then allow to dry and harden. Problem solved.

You can also use it together with Gun Gum Paste for permanent results.

For large cracks and splits use Gun Gum Flexiwrap Silencer Repair.

bulletRepairs larger holes and splits
bulletEasy to use
bulletPerfect for holes in silencer boxes

Get an easy repair solution for your silencer with Gun Gum Silencer Repair Bandage.



Liquid Carnauba Wax

Size: 5L

High gloss shine

Free of abrasives

No white marks on dark trim and

rubber seals

Protects appearance for months





Paint Restorer Cut

Size: 5L

Removes scratches, swirls and

light marks

Contains micro crystals to safely

restore all paint types

Hand & machine application

Use with our Liquid Carnauba Wax



Shampoo & Shine

Size: 5L

Suitable for use on all exterior surfaces.

Foaming lifts dirt so less time and effort

Removes dirt, insects & bird residue

Shine enhancers reduce drying times






Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

Size: 5L

Ultimate cleaning performance

Safe to use

All wheel types

Including damaged wheels






Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Size: 5L

Works on contact

Penetrates fibres

‘New car’ scent

No bleach formula





What is Spray Grease?

Wherever there are moving parts on a vehicle there will always be the potential for wear if not adequately lubricated. Metal-to-metal components exposed to the elements can easily corrode, generating more friction, leading to premature failure.

Holts Spray Grease is a handy, no mess aerosol designed by professionals, for professionals.  With a directional nozzle for precise application in hard to reach places, it’s easy to use by professionals and car enthusiasts alike. Holts use high performance lithium grease with ultra-high cling that protects moving parts, eliminates corrosion and resists water. Holts Spray Grease is highly durable and works at temperatures from -20°C to +140°C

bulletHigh cling and non-drip
bulletEliminates friction and reduces wear
bulletProtects against corrosion and is water resistant

Squeaky door hinges, rusted bonnet catches and seat rails? Problem solved with Holts Professional Spray Grease!


About Holts Brake Cleaner

Holts Brake Cleaner is one of our most popular professional products which can be used in the garage or for home repairs.

It’s a powerful cleaner and degreaser which can be used on a huge range of metal parts and surfaces including brakes and clutches to remove brake dust, pad residue, grease, dirt and oily deposits.

Brake Cleaner cleans faster and with less product than competitors, giving you great value for your money.

bulletHolts Brake Cleaner has a powerful 360 degree spray action to access hard to reach areas quickly.
bulletFast acting and fast drying

Proven to have the best cleaning power compared to competitor products, lasting you longer and saving you time and money.

What the experts say…

“I tried Holts Brake Cleaner in every conceivable position and it worked every time until the can was empty. Access to components in modern vehicles is difficult. Being able to get my hand and a can of Holts Brake Cleaner to exactly where I need at whatever angle I can achieve is imperative and it works every time.”

Jonathan Fry, Professional Mechanic, Jonathan Fry Automotive


What is EGR & Carb Cleaner?

Petrol and diesel engines have undergone some serious developments over the years to make them more powerful and ultra-efficient. Solving one problem with the introduction of new engine technology often leads to other problems. Turbo diesel engines in particular use Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR) which designed to reduce emissions, but can suffer from harmful deposits. You should keep the system properly cleaned to prevent soot building up, and this can restrict the flow and lead to EGR valves sticking, resulting in poor performance and reduced drivability.

Holts EGR & Carb cleaner is a professional product formulated to quickly remove deposits caused by petrol in carburettors or exhaust gases in diesel engines. Performance and power is restored and emissions reduced.

bulletReduces emissions
bulletRestores performance
bulletPowerful solvent formula
bulletSprays upside down

Sluggish performance caused by fuel or exhaust gas deposits? Problem solved with Holts Professional EGR & Carb Cleaner!



What is Silicone Spray?

Holts Silicone Spray is part of our Professional Range of vehicle maintenance products, meaning it’s trusted by mechanics, but can be used at home for your DIY maintenance needs too. It’s a specially formulated spray for use on rubber and plastic, for example on car window seals. It provides protection, lubrication and waterproofing to keep any plastic or rubber parts in top condition. It has an easy to use spray and a clear finish to reduce mess and unsightly marks. Simply spray on to ensure plastic and rubber surfaces remain problem free.

bulletStops squeaks and squeals
bulletSprays clear, no mess
bulletProvides waterproofing protection
bulletSprays upside down

Dried out rubbers and plastics need some lubrication and long lasting protection? Problem solved with Holts Professional Silicone Spray!



What is Release Spray?

Nothing’s more frustrating when you’re doing some maintenance work, either on your car or in the home, than finding that a part is stuck. The additional effort of unsticking them can cause strain injuries or even break the part, making you wish you’d never bothered. Whether it’s a rusted nut or an over tightened bolt that that won’t move, you need an easy way to break the bond and free it up.

Holts Release Spray is a multi-purpose lubricant that penetrates inside the seized parts, making them easy to remove. Simply spray on to the part and leave to work. The Release Spray will act quickly to loosen it, even if it’s rusted.

Release Spray is part of our Professional range, used regularly by mechanics, so you can be sure that you’re using a professional quality product which will provide you with quick results and less effort.

bulletPenetrates rust
bulletFast acting
bulletEasy release
bulletSprays upside down

Rusted and seized parts slowing you down? Problem solved with Holts Professional Release Spray!



What is Maintenance Spray?

Holts Maintenance Spray makes car repair jobs easy. This multi-purpose spray prevents seized parts by chemically bonding to metals and reduces friction. It can also be used to clean, lubricate and protect, so that you don’t have to be frustrated by rust, grease or dirt.

The professional formula works at high temperatures making it ideal for use where components get hot and thanks to the directional spray it’s perfect for DIY. As part of our Professional range you know you’re using a high quality product which is trusted by mechanics.

bulletProtects against rust
bulletWorks up to 480ᵒC
bulletMade with MOS2 / Molybdenum Disulphide
bulletSprays upside down

Need a fast acting professional lubricant to prevent rusted or seized parts? Problem solved with Holts Professional Maintenance Spay!


What is Electrical Contact Cleaner?

Auto electronics and electrical parts like ignition components can become dirty and corroded over time through exposure to the elements. Holts Electrical Contact Cleaner is specially formulated to quickly remove oil, grease and dirt and restore electrical connectivity without causing damage. It is easy to use without removing any parts thanks to its ability to spray at all angles, including upside down. Holts Electrical Contact Cleaner has a powerful cleaning action, is quick to dry and to leaves no sticky or oily residue.

This professional quality product is trusted by mechanics, so you know it will perform for you at home for your DIY repair jobs.

bulletFast acting and fast drying
bulletPowerful solvent formula
bulletSprays upside down
bulletLeaves no residue

Suffering with engine warning lights or intermittent electrical faults? Problem solved with Holts Professional Electrical Contact Cleaner!



What is Engine & Parts Degreaser?

The Holts Professional range can be used for vehicle maintenance and jobs around the home, offering you professional quality products for all your DIY needs. For cleaning engines or car parts, you need a powerful degreaser to remove oil, tar, grease and dirt. Holts Engine & Parts Degreaser works quickly to clean a range of metal and plastic surfaces, without causing damage. It even sprays upside down for difficult to reach areas such as the engine bay and chassis. Just spray and work into the dirt, rinse and leave to dry for professional results.

bulletEasy to use – spray on, rinse off
bulletFast acting
bulletProfessional formula
bulletSprays upside down

Engine and parts covered in thick oil, grease and dirt? Problem solved with Holts Professional Engine & Parts Degreaser!


Holts Exhaust Assembly Paste 300ml

Large 300ml cartridge for easy application.
Stops leaks and withstands heat and vibration for easy application.


Lubricates and seals joints during exhaust assembly.
Fast and easy gas tight seal.







What is SEALit?

SEALit is a professional multifunctional leak repair suitable for all cars. The simple pour and go no clogging formula works through the entire engine and cooling system seeking out leaks to create a professional, permanent repair in a matter of minutes.

SEALit is easy to use – simply pour and fix with no need to drain or flush the system, turning leak repairs into a quick job.

bulletNo clogging or damaging effect
bulletSuitable for all cars – mixes with all coolant/antifreeze
bulletNo need to drain or flush – simply pour and fix

What the experts say…

“This product works well to fix coolant leaks, so I would definitely advise people to purchase this. It’s always handy to have this in stock.”

Nick Jackman, Professional Mechanic, Barking and Dagenham College



About Holts Concentrated Screen Wash

Dirt, traffic film, insects and bird deposits can impair the view through your windscreen and cause glare from strong sunlight or oncoming headlights at night, which can be dangerous. Make sure your windscreen is clean and clear all year round.

Holts Concentrated Screen Wash quickly removes the dirt that builds up while you drive and has a specially developed no-smear formula to leave your windscreen crystal clear. Dilute the screen wash with water to your needs, and use it in all seasons.

At Holts our aim is to solve your car problems, including poor visibility, and our screen wash has everything you need to get a clear view of the road.

bulletHigh visibility, no streak formula
bulletIntensive cleaning – Quickly removes stubborn dirt and traffic film
bulletMelts ice and can be used all year round

Ensure your windscreen is clean all year with Holts Concentrated Screen Wash.



What is Tyreweld?

It’s raining, you’ve got a car full of kids and all you want is to get home and put your feet up. The last thing you need is a flat tyre. Standing at the side of the road, trying to undo the wheel nuts, getting cold and wet, trying to avoid the passing traffic – it’s difficult, time consuming and potentially dangerous.

Holts decided there should be a simpler, quicker, safer way.

Tyreweld Emergency Car Tyre Repair is a quick and easy to use solution to punctures which gets you back on the road without having to even touch a wheel nut.

bulletQuick and easy emergency puncture repair
bulletNo tools or jack needed
bulletGets you back on the road fast
bulletSafe non-toxic formula doesn’t damage tyres
bulletWashes out of tyres easily after use
bulletPeace of mind in your boot


Jumbo Sponge
• High quality, heavy duty sponge
• Professional streak free finish




About Holts Air Con Odour Bomb

The smells that build up in your car can be hard to get rid of. The odours can build up in your air conditioning system and on your upholstery and carpets. To truly rid your car of odours and leave the interior smelling fresh, use Holts Air Con Odour Bomb.

Holts Air Con Odour Bomb quickly eliminates bad smells from your air conditioning system, to freshen your car and its interior fabrics. The professional formula of this air con cleaner ensures that smells are removed rather than just masked, and it contains a pleasant aroma to leave your car smelling fresh and clean.

bulletEasy to use
bulletCleans your air con in under 10 minutes
bulletProfessional formula

Freshen your car’s interior today with Holts Air Con Odour Bomb.



What is Holts Valve Grinding Kit?

Cylinder head valves control the intake of fuel/air and the removal of exhaust gases from your car’s combustion chamber. The valves open to do this, but it is crucial that when they close, the valves create a gas tight seal with the valve seats. If they don’t close tightly it can cause a loss of compression, resulting in a significant loss of power.

Over time valves and seats can suffer from deposits, erosion and pitting. Fuel combustion causes stubborn deposits to build up on the valves and this prevents them from closing properly. This is made worse by modern fuels that lack lubrication. When the build-up starts to prevent a gas tight seal between the valve and the seat, they may need to be reconditioned, and you can do this with a Holts Valve Grinding Kit.

Holts Valve Grinding Kit contains two grades of high quality abrasives to remove stubborn deposits and also to resurface and "reseat" the valves. The coarse grade polish can be used to resurface heavily soiled valves or pitted valve seats with minimum effort, while the fine grade abrasive rapidly polishes the valve seats. Using the abrasives with the suction cup stick will help to seat your valves correctly, restore cylinder compression and improve engine power and efficiency.

bulletEasy to use
bulletProfessional resurfacing
bulletContains two grades of polish
bulletContains a suction cup stick for quick and easy valve reseating.





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