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Liquid Patch




Liquid Patch is a fibre based puncture sealant, which immediately & permanently protects both tube & tubeless tyres against punctures in the tread area up to 6mm in diameter. Liquid Patch repairs punctures from the inside out. When a tyre is punctured escaping air forces the sealant to the puncture site and repairs the leak creating a Liquid Patch. Some of the liquid will go through the hole to the outside of the tyre. When Liquid Patch is exposed to air, it dries and causes a permanent seal. Liquid Patch is easily installed through the tyre valve. It takes less than a few minutes per tyre. As the tyre rotates, the centrifugal forces spreads the liquid evenly over the inside casing. The tyre is now protected against punctures. Sizes: 250ML, 500ML, 1 Litre (10litre & 20litre also available upon request)






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