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Norton is a committed Australian manufacturer providing the latest technology in product innovation. Norton provide the safest and the best quality abrasives manufactured using the strictest quality standards in the world.

Hints for Better Sanding Results

Use the correct paper type for the surface being sanded. Always start with a coarse paper when sanding rough surfaces and flaking paint, then progress through medium and fine papers for a smoother finish.

Do not use worn out coarse grades for fine sanding and Do not use excessive pressure - let the sandpaper do the work!

When hand sanding, use a cork or felt covered block.

Always check the instructions on sanding equipment and sanding products.

Always THINK SAFETY - wear the necessary safety products like goggles to protect your eyes from irritating dusts, dust masks to protect your respiratory system and ear muffs when using power sanders.

Tips to have your sanding paper last longer

To ensure the long life of your abrasive paper, store it where it will not get damp - not in a garage or shed. When it is even slightly damp, the glue is prone to fail and the abrasive grain falls off. If the paper becomes clogged during use, clear it by tapping it on your palm. Rapid clogging of the sandpaper indicates that the wood is probably too damp and you should allow it dry properly before continuing the job.

Remaining aware of the operational speed of your sander and the pressure you apply is vital as the faster the speed or greater the pressure, the more heat that will be generated, causing physical breakdown of the abrasive bond. The likelihood of clogging is also increased rendering the sanding paper useless. As a rule, a sanding task with a machine sander should require little more than just enough pressure to guide the machine.







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