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To all our Simoniz supporters in Australia we are currently having a supply problem from the UK and stocks are running out fast!

We are hopeful to have supplies back sometime in the future.....

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any suitable substitutes we may have to fulfill your needs.



Motorwise Use Simoniz

Simoniz Original Wax is where it all began over a century ago back the US. Our gold tin became an icon and the product has become the industry benchmark for long lasting protection & brilliant shine. Today, it is the product by which all others are judged!  More than 100 years of valeting experience has ensured that our comprehensive new range can be trusted by professionals to provide market leading performance every time.

Our Simoniz knowledge and experience has even been celebrated as a verb in the English dictionary! Si-mon-ize Ė verb (used with object), to shine or polish to a high sheen ; to simonize a vehicle.


What is Shampoo & Wax?

"I remember the hours in the garage, the cloths and the feel of the chamois. I remember the shampoo and the fingers going cold in the water. But mostly I remember the shine."

Simoniz has a heritage of protective shine, and our Shampoo and Wax combines our expertise in car cleaning with our love of a beautiful finish.

bulletGuaranteed protection and shine
bulletIntensive cleaning
bulletStreak free formula

Removes harmful deposits.



About Insect & Tar Remover

Lifeís too short to spend time removing insects, tar and other deposits from your car, however unfortunately these marks can harm your paintwork as well as looking unsightly. Simoniz has decades of experience in car cleaning and caring for exteriors, and our Insect and Tar Remover makes it easy to remove harmful deposits, droppings and tar. You can use it in between washes to keep your exterior free from dirt and damage. Simply spray on and the tough cleaner will dissolve the deposits without harming your paintwork.

bulletGuaranteed easy removal of stubborn insects, bird droppings and tar
bulletEasy to use spray
bulletPowerful, fast acting formula

Remove deposits easily today with Simoniz Insect & Tar Remover.


About Odour Neutraliser

No-one wants their car to smell, but spills, food and the other odours associated with daily life can build up, and are enough to make a car seem unloved or unwelcoming. Ridding your car of unpleasant aromas can instantly transform the interior and improve your driving experience. Simoniz Odour Neutraliser is an easy to use spray which removes smells to create a fresh and clean environment in your car. Odour Neutraliser can be used on interior fabrics and plastics Ė simply spray on to surfaces. For plastic surfaces, leave to work for 5 minutes and then wipe off. On soft surfaces, just spray on and let the Odour Neutraliser work its magic.

bulletGuaranteed to remove unpleasant odours
bulletNew car fragrance
bulletQuick and easy to use

Freshen your carís interior today with Simoniz Odour Neutraliser.


What is Carnauba Liquid Wax?

At Simoniz we believe that a luxurious shine should be achievable for everyone. While some consider time spent buffing to part of the ritual of car care, we know that not everyone has the time to do this.

Simoniz Carnauba Liquid Wax gives you all the shine and protection of a hard wax in an easy to apply bottle. Use after shampooing. Simply apply with one cloth and buff off easily with another Ė the Carnauba Liquid Wax takes little effort to use but still leaves a deep, long-lasting finish that will protect your carís exterior.

bulletGuaranteed protection and shine
bulletEasy and quick to apply
bulletNon-abrasive and leaves no white residue

Achieve a beautiful quick shine today with Simoniz Carnauba Liquid Wax.


What is Colour Restorer?

If your carís paintwork looks dull or the colour has faded, it is most likely due to fine scratches or oxidisation, caused by a reaction with the air. At Simoniz we have been taking care of cars for over a hundred years, and are passionate about ensuring our products work on todayís cars. Weíve used this knowledge to bring you Colour Restorer, specially developed to remove damage to your paintwork and revive the original beauty of your carís exterior.

bulletGuaranteed removal of scratches and oxidation
bulletAdvanced restoring formula
bulletEasy to use

After shampooing your car, if you notice any dull areas, look closely at them. If you can see fine scratches or a swirl pattern, then you will need to use Colour Restorer to remove them and bring back the paintworkís original smooth appearance. After polishing, you should wax your car to keep your car shiny and protected for longer.

Remove fine scratches and swirl marks easily with Simoniz Colour Restorer.


What is Quickshine Detailer?

If you want all the benefits of Simoniz but donít have time to wax, then use Simoniz Quickshine Detailer Wax. Simply spray on and wipe off for a beautiful shine and instant protection. The easy to use trigger spray is perfect for topping up between waxes, or for achieving a glossy finish on the go. The added carnauba wax provides extra protection and durability to care for your paintwork, and can be used on all finishes, so you can create a showroom finish on your paintwork any time. We pour decades of experience into each bottle and have a range of valeting products to help you care for your car.

bulletGuaranteed instant protection and shine
bulletCarnauba wax for added durability
bulletLeaves no white residue
bulletSimply spray on for quick waxing

Restore your carís bodywork effortlessly between waxes with Simoniz Quickshine Detailer.


What is Diamond Wax?

Achieve a brilliant, high gloss shine with Simoniz Diamond Wax. This durable wax can be used on metallic, pearlescent and modern clear coat paintwork, and is specially developed to form a protective shield on your carís exterior. Simoniz pour decades of experience into each bottle so that you can eliminate fine scratches and swirls for a more beautiful finish.

Apply to a clean, dry car. Allow to dry to a faint haze and buff to create a high gloss shine.

bulletGuaranteed protection and shine with carnauba
bulletMild abrasive formula easily removes micro scratches
bulletLong lasting results

Get a durable glossy finish today with Simoniz Diamond Wax.


What is Ultracare Alloy Cleaner ?

Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner is a unique spray which cleans alloys quickly with no corrosive effects, even on scuffed or damaged alloys.

Weíve been helping people to take care of their cars since 1910, combining an enduring dedication to quality with up to the minute knowledge of todayís motors. Ultracare Alloy Cleaner is a modern, high performance product with all the caring properties and commitment to quality you would expect from Simoniz.

bulletGuaranteed not to corrode wheels
bulletPowerful formula
bulletFast acting
bulletAlloys which shine like new

Unlike other cleaners, Ultracare is acid free, so even if your alloys are scuffed or damaged the cleaner wonít corrode them or cause any harm. Ultracare Alloy Cleaner has been tested against acidic cleaners Ė you can see the results below to show that Ultracare causes no damage or corrosion, unlike competitors.


What is Back to Black Tyreshine?

The Back to Black range from Simoniz has been specially developed so that you can achieve a showroom finish on your driveway.

If you take pride in your car, washing and waxing it regularly, you donít want your tyres to let you down.

Back to Black Tyreshine is a high performance tyre polish developed to restore your tyresí finish, bringing out the original black and removing scuff marks.

bulletGuaranteed to restore, protect and shine
bulletPart of the Simoniz 3 Step Wheel routine
bulletDurable gloss finish
bulletLong lasting results
bulletEasy to use spray

It gives your tyres a long lasting gloss finish, to make them shine like new.

Back to Black Tyreshine is part of our Bumper and Tyre range, specially formulated in the lab and tested on the road to bring you long lasting gloss and shine for your whole car. Itís an easy to use aerosol which fits in easily as part of your car care routine.


About Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner

Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner is a specially formulated window and headlight cleaner, developed in the lab and tested on the road to give you the best view possible.

bulletGuaranteed high visibility
bulletStreak free finish
bulletCan be used on interior and exterior glass
bulletQuick and easy to use

A clear view is crucial for safer driving, and at Simoniz we care about cars but also about the people in them. Deposits and streaks on your windscreen can reduce visibility and cause dangerous sun dazzle. Our Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner guarantees high visibility and a streak free finish so you see nothing but the road ahead.

Since we started producing our Original Wax in America in 1910, we have constantly sought out new ways to help people care for their motors. We believe that cars should shine from top to bottom, and that glass should be clean, streak free and safe. We believe that this dedication to quality makes Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner the best choice for drivers.


What is Back to Black Trim Restorer?

Simoniz Back to Black is a range devoted to restoring your car to a showroom finish. Back to Black Trim Restorer is a quick and simple way to clean plastics, rubber and trims, instantly returning a "new look" finish. It can be used on interiors as well as exteriors, making it easy for you to maintain the appearance of your carís trim. Back to Back Trim Restorer doesnít just clean Ė it also restores your carís plastic and rubber and protects it against wear, producing a beautiful finish to be proud of.

bulletGuaranteed to clean, restore and protect
bulletSuitable for all plastics, rubber and trim
bulletRestores bumpers to original, glossy finish

Bring out the beauty of your trim today with Back to Black Trim Restorer.



What is Back to Black Bumpershine?

The Simoniz Back to Black range has decades of car care experience poured into each bottle, combining this knowledge with up to the minute developments and testing. It is the ultimate way to restore your carís exterior plastic to its original showroom black.

bulletGuaranteed to restore, protect and shine
bulletSuitable for all exterior plastics
bulletLong lasting gloss finish

If you take pride in your car and keep the paintwork clean and polished, then you want your bumpers to look their best too. Back to Black Bumper Shine is specially formulated to restore exterior plastics giving you a new look bumper. It also protects as it restores and leaves a beautiful gloss finish. Your car will gleam from top to bottom.

Back to Black Bumper Shine is part of our Bumper and Tyre range, developed to make it easy for you to care for your carís trim and tyres.


What is Leather Cream?

Leather is a material which needs special care. Wear, scratches and dirt can cause damage, and over time will dull the appearance, so you need to keep leather nourished and protected to maintain its finish. If your car has a leather interior youíll want to ensure you keep it in the best condition you can.

To help you, Simoniz has created products specially designed to care for your carís leather interior. Our Leather Cream can be used on all leather seats and trim to help prevent wear. Simply apply with a clean cloth, leave to work for a few minutes then buff off for an improved finish.

bulletGuaranteed to clean, treat and shine
bulletContains nourishing lanolin and natural oils
bulletCan be used on all leather seats and trim

Care for your leather interior today with Simoniz Leather Cream.


About Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner

At Simoniz we have a dedicated interior range which contains decades of expertise to help you valet every part of your car. The fabrics inside your car, such as on your seats and the carpet, can be difficult to clean, but our dedicated Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner makes it easy. This cleaner is specially developed for your interior fabrics and is guaranteed to remove stains quickly thanks to the helpful deep cleaning brush. It also contains a pleasing fragrance which will bring back that new car aroma.

bulletGuaranteed fast removal of stains and odours
bulletIntensive cleaning formula
bulletNew car fragrance

Freshen your interior fabrics today with Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner.



What is Complete Wheel Protector?

Road dirt and grime can all cause damage to your wheels. As well as making your car look less than perfect, it can cause rust and harm the paintwork.

Simoniz Complete Wheel Protector is a spray which coats your wheels in decades of experience and knowledge, creating a protective layer to prevent damage from the road and environment. It also adds that beautiful Simoniz shine, so that you can achieve a showroom finish on every part of your car.

bulletGuaranteed protection and shine
bulletLong lasting results
bulletQuick and easy to use
bulletSuitable for all wheels
bulletCan be used with Ultracare Alloy Cleaner and Back to Black Tyreshine for beautiful wheels

Use on clean, dry wheels as part of the Simoniz 3 Step Wheel routine. Just spray on a layer of Complete Wheel Protector and drive, knowing your wheels are taken care of.

Complete Wheel Protector is part of our dedicated Wheel care range, developed in the lab and tested on the road to make it easy for you to achieve beautifully shiny wheels which are protected and cared for.


What is Alloy Wheel Cleaner?

Alloys and wheels need special attention. As the closest part of the car to the road they attract dirt, road grime and brake dust. Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner has been developed in the lab and tested on the road for easy removal of dirt to help you achieve clean alloys quickly. Itís suitable for all alloy wheels, so you can use it with confidence, and it sprays on easily to keep your alloys clean and shiny.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner is part of our dedicated wheel range, providing you with everything you need to keep your wheels looking their best.

bulletGuaranteed removal of brake dust and dirt
bulletPowerful, fast acting cleaning
bulletSuitable for all alloys

Get cleaner wheels today with Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner.


What is Jet Black Trim Restorer?

Scuffs and scratches build up on your trim over time, dulling the colour and wearing away the original finish. Looking after your carís trim should form a part of any good valeting and car care routine, to make sure your car looks its best from top to bottom. Simoniz Jet Black Trim Restorer reduces the appearance of damage and marks, and restores a beautiful jet black finish. Use regularly to keep your trim protected and looking its best.

bulletGuaranteed to clean, restore and protect
bulletReduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches
bulletCan be used on all exterior plastic

Restore your carís trim to a showroom finish today with Jet Black Trim Restorer.



What is Original Wax?

"I remember the hours in the garage, the buffing and polishing.

His secret weapon, Dad called it. That little gold tin, all the way from America, and the deep, glorious shine it left behind, protecting his car and making it more eye-catching, more expensive looking, more modern than the others on the street. I was proud of it, and that pride has never left me."

Simoniz Original Wax has been taking care of cars since 1910, and decades of experience are poured into every tin.

bulletLong lasting protection
bulletLong lasting shine
bulletContains carnauba wax
bulletTrusted by car lovers for a century

Our original formula has been developed to handle the effects of modern driving, providing a strong protective finish which will last for several washes. We use carnauba wax in our Original Wax as it gives the best protection for your paintwork, and we believe that you deserve the best ingredients in your car wax.

Make sure your car is cool, and apply to a small area and buff to reveal a beautiful, deep, glossy shine. For people who take pride in their car, Simoniz Original Wax allows you to achieve a professional, long lasting finish at home.


What is High Build Primer?

At Simoniz, we want your car to look its best from top to bottom. We know that a beautifully painted exterior starts with a beautifully smooth surface. Scratches and other surface imperfections can ruin the appearance of your carís finish and should be filled before you apply primer. Simoniz High Build Primer is easy to use and covers light scratches and imperfections, giving you a perfectly smooth base on which to paint. For best results use after sanding the area, and use Simoniz Colour Restorer Polish after painting to create a flawless finish.

bulletGuaranteed to cover light scratches and surface imperfections
bulletCreates a super smooth finish
bulletEasy to apply

Get a smooth exterior today with High Build Primer.



Grey Plastic Primer

Painting straight on to plastic can be difficult, as the paint doesnít bond with the plastic surface. Simoniz Grey Plastic Primer is the perfect pre-treatment for colour coats, to create a smooth and even base layer for you to paint on.

Simoniz Grey Plastic Primer is suitable for all plastic surfaces including fibreglass and polystyrene, and the matt finish gives you a strong bond with the plastic so that your paint goes on easily and last longer.

Suitable for all plastics including:

bulletPolyethylene (PE)
bulletPolypropylene (PP)
bulletAcylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Prep your plastic surfaces today with Simoniz Grey Plastic Primer.


Etch Primer

If youíre painting a polished metal, you need a strong primer which can bond with the shiny surface and give you a base to paint on.

Simoniz Etch Primer is the perfect pre-treatment for painting on polished metal as it bonds chemically with the surface to create a smooth and even base. It is easy to use and also provides excellent rust protection to stop the metal corroding, so it can be used to protect bare metal as well.

bulletGuaranteed to create a smooth surface on polished metal
bulletPrevents corrosion
bulletEasy to apply

Etch Primer can be used on all polished metals surfaces including alloys, welds and brazed joints so you can paint with confidence.

Suitable for use on all metal surfaces including:

bulletFerrous and non-ferrous.
bulletAlloys and brass.
bulletPolished or un-sanded metals.
bulletBrazed joints and welds.

Prime and protect your polished metals today with Simoniz Etch Primer.


Simoniz Black Spray Paint

For a professional black finish on a range of surfaces, use Simoniz Black Spray Paint. It is specially formulated to provide a durable coating on metal, ceramic and wood. These acrylic colour coats use a superior binding system so that you only need one coat, making it easy to use at home to paint wheels, bodywork, roof racks and more. You can even use them on non car related items such as BBQs.

Simoniz Black Spray Paint is available in

bulletMatt Black
bulletSatin Black
bulletGloss Black

so that you can choose the finish you want. Our Black Spray Paint is part of our dedicated paint and maintenance range, giving you decades of Simoniz expertise for your paintwork. It is

bulletGuaranteed to provide a durable, super smooth finish
bulletFast drying
bulletCan be used on metal, plastic, ceramic and wood

Achieve a durable finish today with Simoniz Black Spray Paint.


Simoniz Standard Colour Coats

Simoniz Standard Colour Coats are acrylic spray paints which help you to achieve a professional finish on a range of surfaces easily. These paints are durable so they can be used on cars, including wheels and bodywork, and on other surfaces which need a tough finish such as scaffolding and BBQs.  Use with Simoniz primers and lacquers for professional results.

bulletGuaranteed to provide a durable, super smooth finish
bulletFast drying with superior coverage
bulletCan be used on metal, plastic, ceramic and wood

Simoniz Colour Coats are fast drying and easy to use, and they provide a superior one coat finish. They are available in standard colours of:

Gloss white, AA Yellow, Post Office Red.




What is Clear Acrylic Lacquer?

If you want to enhance your paintwork with a high gloss finish, then Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer can help. Itís a universal lacquer for use on any paintwork to achieve a smooth, glossy shine. The fast drying formula is easy to use so that you can transform you carís exterior at home, creating a durable finish with shine that will last.

Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer is part of our paint and maintenance range, developed to help you with the bigger jobs at home. It can be used to refinish almost anything, from bodywork and engines to BBQs and scaffolding.

bulletGuaranteed to provide a durable, super smooth finish
bulletPetrol and oil resistant
bulletCan be used on any paintwork

Achieve a high gloss finish today with Simoniz Clear Acrylic Lacquer.



One Coat Tough Paints

Paintwork on surfaces which are exposed to heat or abrasion can become chipped or flaky unless you use a paint which is highly durable.

Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints are specially developed for these areas, as theyíre able to withstand heat up to 150ᵒC and provide a tough chip resistant finish. Our Tough Paints range includes:

bulletUnderguard for the under body of your car
bulletEngine Enamel, available in Black and Aluminium
bulletTough Black Paint, available in Satin and Gloss


These easy to use sprays provide a smooth and durable finish on a range of surfaces, so are guaranteed to get pretty much any job done whether youíre painting your car or doing some home DIY.

bulletGuaranteed to provide a super smooth finish
bulletDurable and can withstand heat up to 150ᵒC
bulletNo primer required Ė easy to apply in one coat.

Get professional results on tough areas with Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints.


What is Very High Temperature Paint?

High temperature areas need special paint which is able to withstand the intense heat. Simoniz Very High Temperature Paint has been specially developed this use, providing a durable finish on a range of surfaces.

It is available in 4 standard colours:

bulletAnd now available in Blue

Simoniz Very High Temperature Paint has been developed in the lab and tested in intense heat and on the road to make sure it performs. Itís ideal for painting areas such as exhausts, brake callipers and manifolds.

bulletGuaranteed to protect at temperatures up to 1400ᵒF, 800ᵒC (depending on the colour)
bulletIdeal for areas of intense heat such as exhausts
bulletAlso suitable for boilers, barbecues, stoves and more

Achieve a durable and attractive finish on your high temperature surfaces today with Simoniz Very High Temperature paint.


What is Wheel Steel?

Simoniz Wheel Paints

Transform your wheels with Simoniz Wheel paint. This leading wheel paint provides a high quality finish thatís compatible with original colours from the leading manufacturers. This acrylic spray paint is the easy way to improve the appearance of your wheels Ė simply spray on for an attractive new look. The paint is hard wearing so is able to resist damage from stone chips, dirt and brake dust to keep your wheels looking their best.

Simoniz Wheel Paints are available in


And they are:

bulletGuaranteed to provide durable super smooth finish
bulletCompatible with leading car manufacturerís original colours
bulletEasy to use apply

Get new look wheels today at home with Simoniz Wheel Paint.


About Upholstery Wipes

Spills and marks are inevitable in a car when youíre on the go, but they can leave your carís interior looking and smelling unpleasant. It can be difficult to clean soft fabrics like car seats, so having a cleaning product to hand to deal with spills as they happen can keep your car looking at its best. Part of our dedicated interior range developed to keep your car clean, Simoniz Upholstery Wipes have a foaming action formulated to remove tough stains quickly. Keep them in your car and use them any time to freshen your interior and restore to a lovely new car fragrance.

Each pack contains 20 easy to use wipes.

bulletGuaranteed to foam for faster cleaning
bulletNew car fragrance
bulletConvenient and easy to use

Remove stains and marks from your carís upholstery any time, with Simoniz Upholstery Wipes.


About Leather Wipes

Leather needs special care to retain its look and smell, and keep it protected from damage. The soft surface can become dull, scratched and old looking unless it is cared for. Simoniz Leather Wipes are an easy and convenient way to look after your leather interior. The carnauba wax nourishes the surface while the wipes remove marks and dirt, offering superior cleanliness and comfort.

Simoniz Leather Wipes are part of our dedicated interior range, formulated to keep your car clean and protected on the inside.

Each pack contains 20 convenient wipes.

bulletGuaranteed to clean, treat and shine
bulletContains nourishing natural oils
bulletConvenient and easy to use

Start caring for your leather today with Simoniz Leather Wipes.


About Anti-Glare Glass Wipes

Safety is a priority when youíre driving, and dirt, marks and smears on your car windows can be distracting and dangerous. Simoniz Glass Wipes help you get a clear view of the road any time. They can be used on windows and mirrors to remove dirt, giving you higher visibility and helping you focus on your surroundings. These Glass Wipes are designed to clean quickly and efficiently, leaving a smear-free finish. They can be kept in your car for convenient cleaning any time.

bulletGuaranteed high visibility
bulletSmear free finish
bulletConvenient cleaning
bulletFor use on windows and mirrors

Keep your carís windows and mirrors clean and smear free with Simoniz Glass Wipes.



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