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Ultra Light







ULTRA Light 10W30 The current trend of engine builders is to design

engines to achieve improved fuel consumption, lower exhaust emissions,

high specific horsepower with less sump capacity and longer service intervals

between oil changes.

Additionally, engines are running hotter due to reduced cooling capacities

and add-on air conditioning becoming more common.

Lubricants under these demanding conditions must also keep engine parts

clean, free from gums and varnish, and be sludge free at the end of their

service life.

ULTRA Light 5W30 has been formulated with the latest additive

technology and choice of base stocks to meet these criteria and give the

required protection to all vital engine and engine/transmission components.




ULTRA Light 10W30 Most multi-valve and fine tolerance engine/transmission

combinations where an oil of 5W30 or 7.5W30 viscosity range is specified.

ULTRA Light 10W30 contains no friction modifiers and is suitable in wet

clutch applications.

Vehicles operating under low temperature conditions would also benefit from

ULTRA Light's ability to be pumped quickly to all moving parts when the engine

is first started.




Conforms to high standards required to achieve long engine life and less

maintenance without sacrificing fuel consumption.

Excellent engine cleanliness assisting engine management pollution

control systems.

PACKAGE SIZE                                          205 Litre, 20 Litre, 5 Litre.




CHARACTERISTICS                                      ULTRA LIGHT   5W30

API                                                                                          SJ/CF

Specific gravity at 15 C                                                           0.88


Kinematic viscosity at 40 C, mm2/s (cSt)                               58

Kinematic viscosity at 100 C. mm2/s (cSt)                            11.3

Viscosity index                                                                        174


Flash Point     C                                                                      215

ILSAC                                                                                     GF-2



Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to formulation change without notice.

Values stated are average values only and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.


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