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Hopper Stopper - GWS - Game Warning System

The Original! Over 400,000 sold in Australia in 30 years!


Hopper Stopper alerts kangaroos, dogs and wildlife to the approach of your vehicle. Providing drivers with an 80% protection rate against accidental damage caused by animal/vehicle contact. The Hopper Stopper is a pair of wind-activated devices designed to fit on the grille of motor vehicles and at speeds over 55km/h emits a whistle that increases in frequency until it exceeds the upper range of human hearing and alerts animals to oncoming traffic and possible danger. 

This device has been used in Australia and the U.S.A. for over twenty years and is proven to be effective on wildlife.  Hopper Stoppers are fitted extensively to the vehicles of rangers in National Parks. Over 400,000 of the original Hopper Stopper have been sold and used in Australia.

Available in retail locations throughout Australia, Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the Original Hopper Stopper.

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Craig Butt writes for The Age newspaper May8, 2016 in an article titled:

"The animal that causes the most car crashes in Victoria" Read it here

The roads can be a treacherous place. As well as having to avoid other road users, we have to contend with animals venturing out on to the tarmac.
Last year more than 75,000 motorists lodged a claim with the RACV over car damage, and about one in 14 of those involved an animal.
Some involved pets — cats, dogs, rabbits and even birds. Others were farm animals such as cows, sheep and pigs.

Native animals such as koalas, wombats, kangaroos, echidnas, emus and dingos also ended up in the path of motorists.
These creatures didn't necessarily end up as roadkill — you can still claim if you swerve to avoid a possum and hit a tree — but if they did, they got some revenge on their killers by causing a panicked phone call to the RACV.

So which animal is involved in the most crashes?
The answer is the kangaroo. Our national icon was implicated in eight out of 10 such collisions with an animal on the state's roads last year.

That's because urban expansion in the city's north is putting more kangaroos in the path of motorists and is one of the reasons why kangaroo crash numbers have surged in recent years.
These 407 crashes left two motorists dead, including a 40-year-old man on the road to Bendigo who swerved to avoid a kangaroo in 2014, slammed into a tree and died at the scene.

A further 148 people were injured enough to be taken to hospital for treatment after their collisions with the marsupials. More recently, nine cyclists were injured when they ploughed into a kangaroo carcass on the side of a Shepparton road and spun into the path of an oncoming four-wheel-drive.

Keep in mind that in both the RACV and Vic Roads data, the actual number of animals getting run over is certainly much higher, because these figures only record crashes where someone was injured or if the vehicle was damaged. If you reversed over your neighbour's pet poodle one morning, it wouldn't be showing up here.
Likewise, the data does not record the fate of the animals, but chances are they would have perished. Even though kangaroos often hop away seemingly unharmed after getting hit by a car, they have actually sustained horrible damage to their leg muscles and soon suffer an agonizing death.

But Mr Flynn says you can still get caught out by wildlife jumping in front of your car, and when that happens it is time to hit the brakes.
"In most cases you are better off running over the animal than you are trying to avoid it," he says. "A lot of people have wrapped themselves around a tree trying to avoid a kangaroo."



Hopper Stopper - GWS - Game Warning System



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Hopper Stopper - GWS - Game Warning System



Hopper Stopper - GWS - Mounting Examples

HX Statesman


Triumph Tiger 800xc


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