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Autoglym Products
Autosol Products
Aerpro Antenna's
Car Carpet/Dash Mats
Crc Products
Protective Plastics
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Little Trees
Liquid Patch
Noel's Quality Products
Seat Covers
Series 500
Simoniz Products
Adhesives & Sealants
Auto Transmission Kits
Autolite Plugs
Balancers Engine Pulleys
Clutch Kits
Lovells Springs
Cra-z Soap
Disc Pads
Eagle Leads
Fram Air Hog Filter
Fram Oil Filter
Fuel Pumps
Lubrimaxx OILS
Lucas OIL
Oil, Air & Fuel Filters
Prestone Products
Redex Products
Gabriel Shocks
Strut Mounts
Toledo Tools
Tough Dog
Tridon Products
TruFlow Water Pumps
GMH Parts
Ford Parts
LED Autolamps
NAP LED Lighting
Nice Products
Projecta Products
Classic Cars
Norton Abrasives
Touch Up Paint
All Crash Parts


Car Accessories:

Accessories section is filled with car accessories.

Autoglym Products (Car wash/Polish/Cleaners)

Autosol Metal Polishes (Metal polish/Tyre shine/Tyre black)

Aerpro Car Antenna's (Car radio antenna's)

Car Carpet (Moulded car carpet/Under felt/Dash Mats)

CRC Products (Multipurpose 5.56 lubricant/Aerostart/Glass cleaner/So Easy and more..)

CarMats (Huge Range Available. Carpet/Rubber/Deep Dished)

Dash Mats (Moulded Dash Mats)

Haigh Accessories (Huge range of accessories - Altrex Products also available)

Lourve Fitting Kits (Finally Available - Louvre Fitting Kits for your rear Aunger Louvre)
Protective Plastics (Headlamp Covers/Bonnet Guards and more..)
Holts Products (Huge range of Professional Products to get the job done)

Hopper Stoppers (Animal/Kangaroo warning system)

Little Trees Air Fresheners (Black Ice/Vanilla/Apple and more..)

Liquid Patch (Liquid Patch / Stops flats in their tracks)

Noel's Auto Parts Products (Super wash/Degreaser/Shifter and more..)

Seat Covers (Peru/Enduro/Swagman canvas/Custom made)

Series 500 Products (Carby clean/Degreaser/Silicone spray/Lithium grease and more..)

Simoniz Products (Car wash/Polish/Cleaners)



Service Parts:

Service Parts section is filled with all your service needs.

Adhesives and Sealants (Huge range of J-B Weld products now available. The World's Strongest Bond!)

Automatic Transmission Kits (Huge range of Automatic Transmission Kits including gaskets and filter!)

Autolite Spark Plugs (Copper/Platinum/Double platinum)

Balancers (STD & Performance Harmonic Balancers/Idler pulleys)

Clutch Kits (Huge Range Of Quality Clutch Kits)

Lovells Springs (Lovell's springs/Car/4x4)

Cra-z Soap Hand Cleaner (Cra-z Soap Hand Cleaner)

Disc Pads (Bosch Quality Disc Brake Pads for your Car or 4x4)

Eagle Spark Plug Leads (Ignition leads for the perfect spark)

Fram Air Hog (High Performance Air filters!)

Fram Oil Filters (FRAM® Tough Guard® Oil Filter with the SureGrip® Feature! Simply the best!)

Fuel Pumps (Goss fuel pumps/Chemiweld/Dri-lube)

Lubrimaxx Engine Oil (Lubrimaxx quality oils)

Lucas Oil Products (Oil stabilizer/Fuel treatment/Octane booster & more...)

Oil, Air & Fuel Filters (Car/4x4 Huge range of filters!)

Prestone Products (Coolant/Flush/Stop leak/Flush n fill kit/Coolant tester)

Redex Products (Diesel & petrol injector cleaners/Engine stop leak/Lead replacer)

Shock Absorbers (Gabriel shocks & struts)

Struts (Tailgate & Bonnet Struts) StrongArm Gas Charged Lift Supports!)
Strut Mounts (Huge range of quality suspension strut top bearing mounts)
Tough Dog Suspension Products Here’s where you can find everything a man and his dog could ever want in 4WD suspension… and then some!
Toledo Tools (Ratchet spanners/Blow guns/Hose pinches/Tube cutters & more...)

Tridon Products (Radiator, Fuel & Oil Caps/Hose clamps/Wiper blades)

Water Pumps (Tru-Flow Water Pumps & Fan Clutches)  




Genuine Parts: Huge Range Of Brands Available.

We can supply genuine parts to suit a huge range of brands. We look forward to your inquiry. Please e-mail your requirements including the car's vehicle identification number (VIN), Month/Year and any other relevant information. E-mail Sales: sales@noelsautoparts.com.au

Genuine GMH ( Holden ) parts for your piece of mind

Genuine Ford parts to keep you driving on



Electrical Products:

Electrical Parts section

This is where you can find out about all our lighting & electrical products which include the well know

LED Autolamps Multi-volt truck and trailer lamps & LED torches,

Narva (Narva Electrical Products)

(Full LED Autolamps and Narva Electrical range available to order on-line!)

NAP LED Lighting Products (High Quality LED, Light Bars & Work lamps.)
Nice Products (Door/Boot/Ignition Barrels/Solex Locks & Switches)

Projecta Products A category leader in battery chargers and battery related accessories.

Wagner Lighting (Sealed & Semi-Sealed Beams)



Classic Carlectable Model Cars:

Classic Carlectable Cars section

This is where you can find out about our range of limited number Classic Carlectable model cars. YOU MUST REGISTER! To secure future model releases you need to pre-order your classic carlectables model cars so you don't miss out!



Panel Shop:

Norton Abrasives are committed Australian manufacturer providing the latest technology in product innovation. Norton provide the safest and the best quality abrasives manufactured using the strictest quality standards in the world.

E-Z Mix Touch-Up Bottles are a great product. Our Touch-Up Bottles can be mixed by formula (Subject to availability) to match your cars original paint work.



All Crash Auto Parts:

All Crash Auto Parts section This is the home of the huge quality range of Aftermarket Parts and panels. This includes such items as headlamps, blinker lamps, tail lamps, bonnets, fenders, tailgates, door handles, grilles and more...



We offer a huge range of quality brand names you can trust. We not only supply all the well known brands but also supply Genuine Holden, Ford & Genuine Rare Spares. The products we sell to our customers all carry the factory warranty applicable to that part. Most carry a 12 month or 20,000 km Warranty. Our huge range of suspension parts exceed most original equipment warranties and have an impressive 2 year 40,000 km Warranty.

If you can't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate in contacting Noel's Auto Parts.


Our New Website with On-line Ordering will be available soon.....

Call 02 6925 3777 or e-mail sales@noelsautoparts.com.au now and we can help with any current requirements.


We have such an extensive range of Parts, Paint & Accessories you'll be sure to find what your looking for. If you can't we'll do our best to get it in for you.


All Prices quoted are in AUS$ (incl. GST). Prices subject to change without notice..           

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